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*note* some of these items are out of print & not easily found -- see the additional resources for more info
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Mattel continues producing certain editions. Sababa has gone out of business. Flair is a UK company. Hasbro has made one too.

UNO Value Pack

Perfect for gift-giving, the UNO 5-Card bundle features an UNO for all ages: My First with Pooh, regular UNO, Batman UNO, Barbie UNO (California Girl) & SkipBo.

Available at Toys r Us

UNO Nickelodeon Edition

It's the UNO you know with a Nickelodeon twist! America's #1 card game now features your favorite characters from Rugrats, Angry Beavers, Cat/Dog & Hey Arnold, plus a unique command card. Play it & trade places with another player. It's UNO as only Nick could do!


With the Mattel Exclusive NSYNC CD; also includes a fifth color (purple)

UNO Sydney 2000 Special Edition

112 special edition cards commemorating the Sydney Olympic games with a collectible tin.
http://www.toywebb.net/prod102.htm [$20]

UNO Star Trek Special Edition

from the Mattel site
Beam up this version of the classic UNO card game. Featuring 4 unique command cards & scenes from the original television series, this game even comes in a collectible UNO Star Trek tin.

UNO Star Trek Edition

Early version from Mattel in a tin.
[released in 1999   product # 42293]

UNO My Melody Edition

UNO Doraemon Edition

UNO Scooby Doo Edition

UNO X-Games Edition

Rumor has it the game was pulled due to some printing errors.
[released in 1999]

UNO Summer Edition

UNO is going on vacation. Hot summer graphics, bonus beach ball all with the classic UNO fun. There are no special commands with this UNO.
[product #53641]

UNO Nightmare Before Christmas Edition

info coming soon!

UNO Elvis Special Edition

112 Special Edition Elvis Cards. "Vegas" Command Card adds an exciting rules twist to classic UNO game play. A collectible UNO Elvis tin for storage.
[released in 2000]

UNO Ferrari Edition


UNO Coca Cola Edition

from the Mattel site
This second in a series of UNO collectible tins features the popular Coca Cola Polar Bears. Features Coke graphics on a limited edition UNO Card Game. For 2 - 10 players.

also available in a different tin from Sababa

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